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California Schools, Politicians, Funding and Teacher’s Union – Hot Debate

April 20th, 2022

Teachers in California complain about our politicians when it comes to their education voting, almost as much as citizens complain about the political ineffectualness in dealing with high gasoline prices. One teacher in California participating in a Think Tank Debate stated: “On the campaign trail they say they support education, but when hard time come, education is the first thing to go.”

Well this is an observable trend however, what is the average cost per student in the US? Something like 10,000 per year? I think the schools could be much more efficient than that? Of course, there are the teacher’s unions, top heavy school districts, bus diesel fuel, property tax issues, State budget crisis.

Now then, in all fairness this teacher works at an award winning school, but even if his school is kicking butt, like he demonstrates with AP type classes in math and science, then do the schools really need more money or better competition? Oh, whoops, competition is a bad word, as most teachers think, as per your above comment? Anyway, I hear you, only postulating the reciprocal questions. Still, the math teacher reminds us of a little history in the California school issue:

“I remember when our governor Grey Davis made his last deep cuts on education, but at the same time increased the prison budget.”

One union vs. another, it’s unfortunate to put education in the cross hairs, while rewarding the corrections department, so they can increase pay, offer intensive health care benefits to criminals and house all the illegal aliens, which have committed crimes. Well, apparently the California educational debate rages on.

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